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Portable Storage Solutions

High Quality

SnappyBox Storage Services

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Store on Your Property

Are you looking for convenient storage solutions that show up right at your doorstep? The advantage of using SnappyBox over other storage providers is that our units are portable– saving you a trip to a storage facility. In addition to this convenience, you can rent your unit for as long as YOU want. Gone are the days where you are reliant on the fickle shedule of movers or the hassle of picking up and returning a UHaul® truck!

SnappyBox Style Outdoor Traditional Storage Facility

Or Store at One of Our Facilities

You can store your SnappyBox pretty much anywhere. One of the best places to store is at one of our secure storage facilities. Protected by sturdy metal fencing, high tech cameras, and ample lighting, our facilities are aimed at properly providing safety for your belongings. Storing at one of our facilities is also a great option if you plan on moving at a later date, as they’ll be right next to our trucks for transport!

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Storage Costs

Understanding the cost of storage is crucial for planning what, how, and when you want to store. SnappyBox ensures the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED for moving and storage ventures! The cost of renting one of our containers usually ranges from $300 to $500, granting you a month of storage, convenient access, and flexible scheduling. Ready to find out more? CLICK HERE!

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Packing Tips

One of the trickiest parts of the storage process to navigate is packing. To simplify it, we’ve compiled handy tips for smoother packing. For instance, make sure to label fragile items to avoid any unnecessary accidents. You should also put frequently used items near the container door and distribute weight evenly inside the container, with heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top. For more helpful tips, CLICK HERE!

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Packing & Loading Help

If you don’t want to pack your unit alone, that’s perfectly fine! SnappyBox has partnered with excellent packers and loaders to provide top-notch storage assistance. With our month-to-month container rentals, you and your movers enjoy greater flexibility. To see how you can get packing and loading help, CLICK HERE!

Safe & Secure Portable Storage Containers For All Your Needs

When you need extra space, trust SnappyBox to keep your belongings safe and secure. Whether you prefer on-site storage in your driveway or at our secure facility, our containers offer a flexible solution for all your storage needs.

At SnappyBox, we prioritize the safety and accessibility of your belongings. Our storage containers are meticulously designed with durable aluminum and fiberglass materials to provide optimal protection against the elements, including humidity, and theft.

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“Memory allows for a kind of mental time travel, a way for us to picture not just the past but also a version of the future…” – Shirley S. Wang

With this level of security, you can confidently keep your container or store the container inside our gated facilities.

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Safe & Secure

Portable Storage Units Perfect For:

SnappyBox Container on Truck

sTorage for Moving

SnappyBox simplifies both long-term and temporary storage with ease and convenience. Unlike traditional self-storage, mini-warehouses, and storage lockers, we deliver the storage unit to your doorstep. Say goodbye to the hassle of driving a rental truck or making multiple trips with a packed family car.

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Storage For Restoration

Need storage due to damage to your home from fire, water, or other disasters?  We work with a lot of restoration companies, and most homeowners insurance policies will cover the cost to rent a SnappyBox container. Keep your items on your property in one of our containers for easy access while the clean-up is done.

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Storage For Military

At SnappyBox, we’re honored to support military members with local and regional moving, along with temporary storage solutions. We deeply appreciate the dedication and sacrifices of our military personnel and their families. That’s why we offer active and retired military members a discount on portable self-storage. Contact us for more information.

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Storage During Staging

Staging doesn’t have to be a nightmare Let us provide you with an effective storage option while you sell your home. Remove clutter by loading it into a SnappyBox portable container. When the time is right, we’ll transport it to one of our secure facilities until your home is sold. At your moving date, your belongings will be prepared and ready to venture to your new house. Enjoy unparalleled convenience with SnappyBox. 

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Storage for Remodeling

Looking to streamline your home remodeling process? SnappyBox offers flexible and convenient portable storage rentals to help you stay organized. Use our containers to keep furniture and belongings protected from debris during renovations. Whether you prefer to keep the unit on your property for easy access or store it at our facility, the choice is yours!

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Storage when Downsizing or Decuttering

Whether you’re downsizing or just decluttering, SnappyBox has you covered. Store as much or as little as you need in our convenient storage containers. Keep them in your driveway as long as you like while you decide what to do next. When you’re ready, we’ll transport your unit to wherever you need it, whether it’s our secure facility, your kids’ college dorm, or your new home.

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Storage For Files / Records

We’ve simplified record storage. We’ll deliver a SnappyBox storage container directly to your office or home, and we’ll bring it back to you as often as needed. Whether adding new records or searching for paperwork, we’ve got you covered

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Storage for Students

Ready to store for the summer or move to your first job post-college? SnappyBox makes it simple. Pack everything in our secure containers—we’ll store it for the summer or longer, as you prefer. When you’re ready, we’ll deliver it to your new place.

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Shed Alternative

Are you out of storage space at your house and thinking of getting a shed to store your yard tools or those Christmas decorations.  Consider a SnappyBox storage container instead.  Many customers use our containers for long-term storage in place of a shed.  There’s less upfront cost and if you decide to move, it can easily move with you.

Flexible & Convenient

Storage when you need it most

Onsite Storage Units

Looking for a storage unit that will stay on your property for a remodel, decluttering, or storage needs? We’ve got you covered! SnappyBox deliver as many containers as you need, and you can keep them for as long as necessary.

SEcure Facility Storage

No need to haul your belongings to a self-storage facility with SnappyBox. We’ll deliver a container to your doorstep for you to load at your own pace. When you’re ready, we’ll pick it up and transport it to one of our secure storage facilities. Access your unit anytime hassle-free.

Storage When Moving

Are you planning a move soon? We can relocate your SnappyBox container to your new home. If you require storage at our facility during your transition, we can accommodate that too. Your container can stay with us for as long as necessary.


Snappybox FAQs

Do you have questions about how SnappyBox works? We’ve put together a list of FAQs for your convenience. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care Team via phone, email, or chat. We’re here to help!